When it comes to Sunday mornings, we love to see students worship with their families. Our pastor has a big heart for students, having spent seven years as a youth pastor prior to planting this church. Therefore, our worship service is designed with young people in mind. We encourage students to participate fully in the life of the church in the same way that adults do.

We also recognize that students need a place to connect with people their age, and our vision is to see a thriving youth ministry established in our church. As a new church, we don’t have our own youth ministry quite yet but we do have an incredible partner ministry called City Life that works with students in the south side of Fort Wayne. City Life is a ministry of Youth For Christ, and the building we meet in every Sunday belongs to City Life. We are extremely grateful for the partnership with City Life, and we highly recommend this ministry to any middle school or high school student. To learn more about City Life, click here.